Our services


  • Comprehensive assessments can determine what a child can and can’t do and assist with treatment planning
  • Family’s concerns about their child’s motor skills and movement are important in targeting intervention to the child and their family


  • Programs will be developed to promote the child’s development
  • Early Intervention can help infants and children to achieve their potential in motor skills
  • Parent education in positioning, play and how you handle your child is an important part of intervention

Home programs

  • As the main care giver it is important you understand and feel empowered in helping your child. You will come away from our service with a program that you can do with your child confidently at home


  • Infants and young children develop new skills as they grow. It may be necessary to monitor your child’s development over a period of time to ensure they are developing in their motor milestones


  • It may be necessary for your child to be referred to other health practitioners and services as we see your child in a holistic approach


Group sessions are available to mothers groups, parent groups for education on infant development:

  • Prevention of plagiocephaly,
  • Infant massage,
  • Importance of play and positioning

Education sessions also available to

  • Health practitioners
  • Mentoring for physiotherapist in paediatrics in the community