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Our Services


Our physiotherapists work with infants and children who present with:

  • Neurological conditions such as; cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, neuromuscular disorders, genetic and metabolic disorders, brain tumours, down’s syndrome
  • Developmental Delay/not reaching motor milestones
  • Torticollis/plagiocephaly (asymmetry with head shape)
  • Weakness/reduced balance/ coordination
  • Infants born prematurely
  • Hearing and visual impairments






Evidence based Physiotherapy

Panda for Kids physiotherapists aim to deliver intervention that is based on scientific evidence, the clinician’s expertise and the client’s values. Our physiotherapists stay informed with up to date clinical knowledge, through professional development and connections with our professional organization. We have or in the process of studying for postgraduate qualifications. We are committed in providing physiotherapy services that is relevant and best practice and is meaningful to the child and their families for your child’s best outcome.

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic physiotherapy is known to be evidence-based practice to improve developmental outcome in children with motor impairment and is an adjunct to land based therapy. It assists with improving strength, endurance and balance. Aquatic physiotherapy uses the principles of water such as buoayancy and resistance. Physiotherapists are required to have training and experience in aquatic therapy as they understand the benefits and implications of exercising in water. Therapy in water has many benefits to the child. It is fun and helps your child with water familiarization. It is an adjunct with land therapy Individual programs are designed specifically for your child and offered as 1:1 sessions. PaNDA for Kids offers aquatic physiotherapy with one of our trained physiotherapists in a local pool.


We work with your child in child care, kinder, school and play grounds as an extension of therapy to the child’s environment. Liaising with your child’s integration aids and educators in ensuring developmental goals are met as well as your child’s inclusion and participation with other children is an important part of their therapy.


What we Provide


We use a range of Assessments that help us determine what a child can and can’t do which assists with treatment planning and helps us to see progress. We listen to family’s concerns about their child’s motor skills and movement when planning intervention.

Goal Setting and Early Intervention

We work with families in setting goals based on assessments and what is important to you, for your child. Starting intervention early assists babies and children in achieving their potential in motor skills. Parent education is an important part of therapy and we work in partnership with families which ensures best outcome for your child. Parent education in positioning, play and handling their child is an important part of intervention.

Home Programs

Our physiotherapists will work with you to help you with a program that you can do with your child confidently at home. Programs can be developed and taught to child care, kindergarten and support workers to work towards your child’s goals. Parents will come away from our service with a program that they can do with their child confidently at home. Parents are supported and empowered to help their child toward’ s achieving goals.


We collaborate with medical and allied health practitioners in the community and hospital settings to ensure a holistic and approach. We also work together with child care, kinders and schools.

NDIS Planning Assistance

We see babies and children with NDIS plans and can support families with ongoing reports for NDIS funding or initial reports for your first planning meeting.

Equipment Prescription/Trials

Our physiotherapists have experience in equipment prescription and collaborate with equipment providers.