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PaNDA for kids

PaNDA for kids is a small team of physiotherapists who are passionate about working with infants and young children in optimizing their motor skills. We are committed to delivering therapy in partnership with families, which is fun, goal orientated, and evidence based.

Six-month baby girl on her stomach with teether in the mouth
Our Team

We are caring and experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about what we do …

Physiotherapy & Children

Our physiotherapists work with infants and children who present with …


PaNDA for kids

Our physiotherapy intervention is based on evidence from research. Motor development is optimized by educating parents how to assist their child’s skill development, provide the child with opportunities for active motor learning and adapting their physical and play environment.

Goal Orientated

• Goal setting
• Meaningful
• Task orientated

Family Centred

• Education
• Interaction
• Involvement


• Enrichment
• Home
• Community


Assists in identifying motor skill delay

Goal Setting

Setting therapy goals in partnership with families

Early Intervention

Starting intervention early helps children reach their potential

Home Programs

Supporting parents to help their children achieve goals


Therapy provided in playgrounds, kinder & child care settings

Aquatic Physiotherapy

A positive and fun environment for therapy with many benefits

Words from our Families

Jenny & Farshid.

PaNDA for Kids has brought so much confidence to our family and positive progress for our daughter. Alesha brings such warmth and care to our daughter. Her expertise with kids and families is deep and we have complete confidence in Alesha. The admin side of things couldn't be simpler. We are incredibly grateful to PaNDA for Kids taking our daughter's referral.

Amelia T.

The team at PaNDA have excellent knowledge, and a very nurturing approach, creating opportunities for our daughter to improve and reach her full potential. The communication has been great by Lucy, including liaising with other health professionals, which takes the stress off as her parents. Overall, a great physio service for families and their children.

Welcome to PaNDA Insights

Resources and short articles on child development, physiotherapy for children and more.



Postional plagiocephaly .... is a common presentation in babies, where the head is misshapenor has a flat spot.Why does it happen?A baby’s skull is extremely mouldable in the first few months of life. Sometimes babies…


Tummy time for babies

Tummy time - what's all the fuss? Parents of newborn babies will often hear from health professionals about the importanceof Tummy time.Why is Tummy time important and what does it actually look like?Why is Tummy…


Bike Riding

Bike riding is a fun physical activity which allows us to participate with family and friends whilst exploring our local community! There are many benefits to bike riding including improved strength and fitness, skill acquisition and improved mood.…

"Play provides the child with stimulation to move and the acquisition of motor skills. It is the mechanism through which children learn and develop."

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