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Postional plagiocephaly ….

is a common presentation in babies, where the head is misshapen
or has a flat spot.
Why does it happen?
A baby’s skull is extremely mouldable in the first few months of life. Sometimes babies may
be born with, or develop, a head preference to one side – this can be due to tight neck
muscles (or torticollis), tight ‘packaging’ in the womb or instrumental assisted birth.
When your baby rests on their back in the same position for long periods of time a flat spot
on their head will further develop. This includes time lying on their back to play or in carry
seats, prams, or baby bouncers.

What can you do to help?

  • Watch closely to see if your baby has a head preference and check they can turn
    their heads fully to both sides
  • Encourage your baby to play in positions with their head to both sides (particularly
    their non-preferred side)
  • Alternate the way you place baby down to sleep (they generally like to turn to you!)
  • Support your baby in a variety of positions during their awake play time

– side-lying
– tummy time
– back play or nesting
– face time
– baby carriers

When to check in with a health professional?
We recommend checking in with a health professional if you have concerns about your
baby’s head shape, particularly if:

  • Your baby’s flat spot is still present at 6 weeks or
  • Your baby is finding it tricky to turn both ways equally
    A Paediatric Physiotherapist at PaNDA for Kids can provide expert assessment and specific
    strategies for you and your baby.

Alana Randall, B. App. Sci. (physio); Mast. Physio
Paediatric Physiotherapist



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