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Bike riding is a fun physical activity which allows us to participate with family and friends whilst exploring our local community! There are many benefits to bike riding including improved strength and fitness, skill acquisition and improved mood. If you and your child have a bike riding goal then Physiotherapist’s are well placed to support you 
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Bare feet are an important part of children learning to walk. Being bare foot helps children with their: Sensory development – feeling what they touch with their feet and being exposed to a variety of textures and surfaces; Muscle development – of the foot and ankle muscles; Proprioception and balance 
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Aquatic Physiotherapy Aquatic physiotherapy for children is more than just learning to swim or playing in the water – although it may involve these things too! Aquatic physiotherapy combines the properties of water with the clinical reasoning skills of the physiotherapist to create a program specific to the child. It 
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